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Open AD designed a layback, yet sophisticated atmosphere for the Rit’s Chippy Restaurant tying the seafood theme into the design.

Rit’s Chippy is an informal seafood restaurant. Unsurprisingly, its signature dish is fish and chips. One part of the restaurant is intended for quick bites and collecting takeaways, while the other – for unhurried meals and shared experiences. References to the sea and fishing industry are visible throughout, such as glossy tiles with a wavy texture, blues and the colour of sand, a ceiling decor made of netting, and themed murals. The open kitchen is inspired by the chippies of the British seaside while the dining room is informed by casual French brasseries. The original ceiling vaults are a good fit and keep the building’s story alive: it dates back to the 19th century and has an industrial past.

Part of the furniture is custom-designed and built for the location and specific business needs, and is complemented with pieces by Pedralli.

Considering the large concentration of cafes and restaurants in the area, the interior is vital to attracting customers. Together with the eatery’s name, the parts of the space seen through the window reveal the restaurant’s philosophy and menu without the need for loud advertising.

Design: Open AD Design Team: Zane Tetere-Sulce, Dace Bula, Jelena Ozolina-Jelisejeva, Zane Legzdina Photography: Klavs Loris

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