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Squire & Partners used pops of color, a seamless flow to the outdoor patio, and a comfortable sophistication to welcome guests to Bellefields Restaurant in London.

Open from breakfast through to dinner, the menu is inspired by the seven seas of the Mediterranean, from the Aegean and Balearic to the Levantine basin. Squire & Partners collaborated with Head Chef James Mathieson to draw inspiration from years of treasured holidays to the region, creating a place where guests can enjoy a nostalgic serving of much-loved favourites with a focus on raw ingredients.

Interiors celebrate the honest expression of natural materials including textured brick and exposed timber, with accent colours inspired by the seasons. The restaurant is arranged around a central brushed steel bar featuring crafted panels, with timber and cane-backed bar stools by Ercol and TON. Above the bar a series of terracotta pendant lights create warm, earthy tones reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

The dining space draws the outside in with a natural palette of materials including tables topped with responsibly sourced Carrera marble and wooden dining chairs. Sustainable materials include vegan leather banquettes and linen curtains which use significantly less water and dye than cotton or velvet.

Blurred divisions of inside and out are emphasised with al fresco dining in a central courtyard furnished with brightly coloured bistro dining sets under festoon lights and the branches of a mature oak tree.

Commissioned artwork by Anna Kövecses references simple organic shapes and colours inspired by the food and topography of her childhood living by the Mediterranean Sea, and reflects the beautifully simple food offering at Bellefields.

Branding created by Studio Moxi features a typeface inspired by Parisian café culture in the 1920s and leaf motifs inspired by Russell – the mature oak tree whose branches span the central courtyard.

Design: Squire & Partners Photography: Jack Hobhouse

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