De Segunda Restaurant and Bar

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Architects:Tadu arquitetura

Area :1830 ft²

Year :2021

Photographs :Fran Parente

Lead Architect :Thiago Tavares

Briefing, Design And Project Conceptualization : Thiago Tavares Santos

3 D Design And Modeling : João Duayer

Conceptualization And 3 D Modeling : Clarissa Paes

Work Detailing And Monitoring : Frederico Gomes

Project Detailing : Bruno Bins

Parametric Digital Design Of The Tile Panel : Daniel Vianna

Lighting : Tadu arquitetura

City : São Paulo

Country : Brazil

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The architectural approach made the most of the architectural elements present in the building. Another central idea was the approximation between kitchen and tables.

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As in the vast majority of Tadu projects, the restaurant's environment was designed with the thought of reusing and re-signifying the architectural constructions of our cities. In this case, an old car repair shop in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, São Paulo, was transformed into the first restaurant by two young chefs.

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Colors, flavors, and textures are in resonance between architecture, client, and gastronomy. You can clearly see the preparation and handling of food.

The proposal of authorial traits of the project extended to the digital parametric elaboration of the paging of the white and yellow tiles distributed on the walls.

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Even if subtle, there is a movement of entrepreneurs and brands attentive to issues related to sustainability, social responsibility, transparency of processes, and product quality. People are less interested in investing time and resources in major architectural transformations that often do not provide an effective return for their sale, positioning, or longevity. In this way, it is possible to imagine that a “conscious architecture” can be fostered as a guideline for simplified processes and projects, with the clear objective of saving time and resources without aesthetic or financial damage to new businesses.

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The richness of the experience of visiting the space is revealed by the observation of the preparation and handling of food, in addition to the presence of architectural elements that help to reveal the past and present of the building.

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