Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

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“Tuning Zone”是一家历史悠久的日本跨国企业总部的入口大厅。该建筑位于东京金融区的中心,皇宫广场附近。

Tuning Zone is the entrance lobby of a Japanese global company with history. The building is located at the heart of financial area in Tokyo, in the Imperial Plaza neighborhood.

▼入口大厅整体概览,overall of the entrance hall ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

在这个充满经济活力、熙熙攘攘的城市中,“Tuning Zone”以“激发五感的绿洲”为设计概念,将大自然的绿、光、声、香融合在一起,成为一个有机的空间。让来访者们仿佛置身于森林之中。空间中种植了大量的绿色植物,如竹林、雨花树以及其他常青树种。在不久为将来,充满绿植的入口大厅将与新建的室外绿色广场融为一体,在广场上,人们还可以瞭望到东京皇宫的美景。

In the bustling city with economic dynamism, Tuning Zone was designed based on the concept of “Oasis stimulating the human five senses”, as an organic space by fusing greenery, light, sound and scent in nature as if in a forest. Plenty of planters with full of greenery, such as black bamboo, shefflera and other evergreen trees are installed. The space looks integrated with the outdoor green plaza which will be completed in a few years, with the view of the Imperial Palace beyond as a landscape.

▼空间中种植了大量的绿色植物,Plenty of planters with full of greenery ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

▼围绕在树池旁的座位区,seating areas around the planter ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲


The space is naturally lit, with sunlight and an interior/exterior lighting environment, adjusted to harmonize with natural light by the time of day. The high-resolution sound files of the forest, river and waves recorded in nature are constantly playing to create a relaxing atmosphere.

▼入口大厅主要采用了自然采光,The space is naturally lit ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

▼灯光照明仅作为调节自然光环境的补充,lightings are adjusted to harmonize with natural light ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

一个由柏木制成的艺术球体装置成为大厅中的亮点,装置由Aeneas Wilder设计制作,所用的柏木则出自业主公司自己的森林。这个木材堆叠而成艺术品成为“Tuning Zone”的标志,欢迎着往来的客人与员工。独特的堆叠方式成就了装置引人注目的外观造型,代表了对自然循环、灵感与挑战精神的致敬。

A sphere of art made of cypress wood from the company-owned forest was created by Aeneas Wilder. This is the symbol of Tuning Zone made by stacking wood one by one and it welcomes guests and employees. This artwork changes its looks depending on how the woods are stacked, celebrating nature’s self-circularity, inspiration, and challenging spirit.

▼柏木制成艺术球体装置,A sphere of art made of cypress wood ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

▼装置细部,detail of the timber sphere ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

大厅中设有椅子与长凳,可以在活动与音乐会期间为人们提供座位。“Tuning Zone”是一个极具包容性的空间,能够满足不同的功能与用途,在这里,人们可以随意停留、工作、聚会、放松、交流。

The chairs and benches installed in Tuning Zone can be mobilized to hold events and concerts. To serve for diverse uses and purposes, the Tuning Zone is an inclusive space where people can casually stop by, work, gather, refresh, and communicate.

▼座位区,seating areas ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

▼座位区与灯光细部,details of the seating and lighting ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲

Design:ikg inc. Photograph:Nacása & Partners Inc.


Tuning Zone入口大厅,东京/激发五感的绿洲


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