The Soiva Building

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Architects:Tommila Architects

Area :7497 m²

Year :2021

Photographs :Anders Portman, Tuomas Uusheimo

Manufacturers :  TECU®, Wienerberger, Alavus Ikkunat Oy, Bermanto, Inlook, Karkkilan sisäverhous, Puucomp, TarkettTECU®

Project Management Consultant :Indepro

Main Contractor :SRV Rakennus

Structural Engineer Team :Sweco Rakennetekniikka

Building Engineering Physics :Sweco Rakennetekniikka

Foundation Engineer :Pohjatekniikka

Architectural Acoustics Design :Akukon

Electrical Engineering Team :E-Plan

Energy Consultants :FCG Finnish Consulting Group

BREEAM Consultant :Ramboll Finland

Interior Architect :Sistem

Project Manager : Miia-Liina Tommila

Principal Designer : Yrjänä Vuojala

Lead Building Designer : Hanna-Maria Virtanen

Project Architects : Riku Piirta, Jussi Jokela, Laura Pasanen, Camilla Sundin, Stiina Ruusuvuori, Diana Rimniceanu, Otso Askolin, Niina Rissanen

Artist Collaborator : Kaleidoscope Nordic AS

Building Services : FCG Finnish Consulting Group

Fire Safety Consultant : Paloässät

Technical Control : Sweco Rakennetekniikka

City : Helsinki

Country : Finland

The Soiva Building-25

The Soiva Building-26

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Soiva – meaning resonant or musical – is a building for making music. It houses two music schools teaching rhythmic and classical music. The institutions provide playschool for children and education for amateurs and professional students ranging from instrumental and vocal music to music technology and production.

The Soiva Building-29

In collaboration with the users, Tommila Architects organized the building to cater to both visiting audiences and various regular users. All spaces across five stories are integrated via a central atrium. The ground floor lobby doubles as a foyer and has dark colors and earthy textures, like deeper bass frequencies in comparison with the upper and more private floors, which have a brighter, softer, and cozier appearance.

The Soiva Building-31

The Soiva Building-32

Lounges and rehearsal rooms bridge over the atrium, creating a multifaceted common space, through which natural light flows. The arrangement encourages casual meetings and a sense of commonality between the two schools in the building.

The Soiva Building-34

The learning spaces are arranged around the building’s perimeter, enjoying ample daylight with vistas to the horizon. Sound-proofing is adjusted so that the building is noiseless but not silent; one can just about hear through doors. This creates the all-important serenity for studying music.

The Soiva Building-36

Cavernous studios in the basement are innovatively designed. Several monitoring and editing rooms cluster around recording spaces so that they can be used simultaneously in various combinations, which is ground-breaking in pedagogy. Concerts in the performance halls above can be also recorded here.

The Soiva Building-38

The facades and interiors allude to music genres: the black of rock’n’roll and the brass of classical instruments. The rhythm of the window openings in the black brickwork echoes musical notation, making each room unique. One performance hall opens to the street through an enormous window, making music present in the urban fabric.

The Soiva Building-40

The Soiva Building-41

Soiva is an annex to the historic ceramic factory of Arabia, once the largest producer in Europe and internationally known for its designs. Manufacturing has ceased but design and culture prevail. Soiva connects to a campus of creative studies within the refurbished factory and shares its facilities. Tommila Architects has designed the entire campus.

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万科石家庄翡翠书院(荷园路)小学 / 清华大学建筑设计研究院

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